Riverside – Memories in my Head (2011)

Memories in my Head Album Art

Here I am, back to work after a while but I’ve a found a break during my lunch time to listen once again to this latest Riverside project, the small EP Memories in my Head, and to let write this review. These guys from Poland have been among my favourite European prog bands since 2008 when I saw them live a few days after seeing the great Porcupine Tree and back than I thought to myself: “hey, Riverside has the potential to reach a great level on international prog scenario”.

            This project has come to prove me right! Even though we are talking about a 3 tracks project it is worthy to review it. The EP is about 30 minutes long (approximately 10 minutes by track) and in each track we can find real prog influences. I think that Riverside is mastering the ability to create atmospheres with their songs since they have this unique way to approach song writing and musical interpretation which is able to bring listeners inside their sound.

            Since the tracks are very long, and I guess it is not a concept album, I might suggest you all to listen to each one very carefully the first time in order to fully appreciate this EP even if you have to listen to them separately. For now I have heard it for almost 5 times and I can’t get tired of them. I really hope that this amazing EP is a preview for an upcoming full length album (last one was in 2009 – Anno Domini High Definition).

            As known, my instrumental knowledge is not enough to talk about musicians technically but while listening to Memories in my Head I could only compare Riverside with great prog rock bands and if you are doubting, give this project a chance and you will not regret.

            One last thing: these guys will be touring around Europe for the next October/November and if you are around the venues I strongly recommend you to see them live and after that please let me know if you agree with me.

            My vote for this EP is 9/10, but I am quite sure their next full length album will receive a 10/10 if they continue to explore their music like on this project.


1 - Goodbye Sweet Innocence

2 - Living In The Past

3 - Forgotten Land

– Review by Logan Lee