Royal Hunt – Show me how to Live (2011)

Show me how to Live Album Art

Royal Hunt is back. Show me how to live is a fantastic return to prog scenario and with that I mean that I agree with those who might say Royal Hunt made a few steps forwards with the last two albums (which were technically awesome, but not as great as their amazing CDs: Paradox and Fear).

            In Show me how to Live, we are finally able to hear the result of Andersen’s compositions and DC Cooper’s voice together at last, and this equation could only end up with one thing: a fantastic album at the same level as the unreachable (so far) Paradox. With all the respect for the previous singers, that managed with their features to keep Royal Hunt among prog first bands, DC Cooper is able to suite Andersen’s music as no one else and if you hear carefully the title track, Show me how to live, you might not need further proofs for this affirmation.

            Well, the title tracks is doubtless the best one on the entire album, but all the album is very pleasant to hear and for me it is one of the ten 2011 best releases. Three tracks worth further attention while listening to this CD, due to their complexity and sound: First and last tracks , One More Day and Angel’s gone respectively, and track five, Half Past Loneliness.  One More Day sets the table perfectly and gives the general idea of what the album will be and Angel’s Gone encloses perfectly the album right after the perfect title track.

            I want to repeat here what I’ve been hearing about this reunion: it is not the usual “reunion” of guys that fought in the past and now want to make some money, but a concrete project with new ideas which powerfully puts Royal Hunt on prog metal Olympus after almost 14 years from Paradox release (even if for me Paradox is not yet beaten, but be sure that if they keep this route the next album will manage to do so).

            After a long time, I’ve found a 10-/10. Strongly suggested to all prog fans. Hope you enjoy it as I did (give a feedback if you feel so and it will be very well accepted).


01. Introduction

02. One More Day

03. Another Man Down

04. An Empty Shell

05. Hard Rain's Coming

06. Half Past Loneliness

07. Show Me How To Live

08. Angel's Gone

– Review by Logan Lee