All Too Human – Juggernaut (2012)

Juggernaut Album Art

In this time of economic crisis we find less time to enjoy ourselves and dedicate to listening to good music but this guys from Texas managed to capture my attention. Luckily enough I’ve got the chance hear the album preview but I have chosen to publish this review today, together with the album’s release.

            Juggernaut is a very complex and strong piece of prog and heavy metal combined inside a 9 track album that is really something to discover.

            Hearing it carefully I could match some real interesting similarities since from the beginning. One day I would like to ask them directly what they think about this, but I heard the style of some of my favorites (but unusual) bands: a bit of Sentenced and a lot of Freak Kitchen and yet they have created a style of their own.

            With that in mind: Juggernaut is ATH’s third long length album after their first album “Forever and a day (1998)” and “Entropy” (2004) and for what I could hear, this album represents several steps forwards on this guys’ musical path. Even though it is filled with great music arrangements Juggernaut did not seem to me a hard album to listen and write about. All tracks are very interesting and you do not need to focus on the entire album at once, which is another reason why I have chosen to postpone my review but also a good thing since I have listened to all tracks separately at least 5 times before start writing and I can assure you all that all tracks are very catchy.

            About the tracks: my favorite among them is Thorn on my Side (which was also released as a single on 2011) where we can find how versatile is Gordon Tittsworth voice which is another great add-on on Juggernaut. This is the first All Too Human album with him and I think that his voice and style match perfectly with the musicians features. The album opens and encloses with two other great songs, Juggernaut and Catharsis: the first one is more powerful and gives us a preview of what we are about to listen while the Catharsis is more chaotic track (in my opinion) witch might be a preview of what we should aspect on their next album (more experimentation?).

            In the meanwhile, enjoy this recent release as soon as possible and my vote is 8/10 because this guys have an incredible potential to keep on this road. Really hope to know more about them and I will keep checking their website to know their tour dates.


1- Juggernaut

2- Rumble

3- Thorn In My Side

4- Ruffian

5- Cut Me

6- Never Enough

7- Burden

8- Insurgent

9- Catharsis

Line Up:

Gordon Tittsworth – Lead Vocal

Clint Wilson – Lead Guitar & Keyboards

Chris Lucci – Drums & Percussion

Maurice Taylor – Bass Guitar

Review by Logan Lee