Lady & The Bass – Groovy (2012)

Groovy Album Art

When I got the chance to talk about this album and to interview Alberto Rigoni I was really thrilled. First because I consider him a great name of Bass in the entire prog scenario and second because his first two solo records were quite interesting.        

            This time Alberto Rigoni, sided by the intriguing voice of Irene Ermoli, managed to surprise us all. Groovy in an incredible mix of styles and even if there’s little room for the classic prog style I may add that this mix is what makes Groovy a special CD.

            On this album we will find also other instruments but Bass is clearly the main one (see interview attached) and even if I am not a Bass player I could see/listen that this instrument was explored in all of its features.

            Off course I have some favorite tracks that I put on my CD player every time I have the chance. Eclectic (see video link below), BASSex v2 (which I really loved since the first version released on his first album – I find it very catchy) and Let me try are one step above in my opinion. By the way, you may find this album free on their website which is another advantage on this times of economic crisis (Great music legally free). When I asked Alberto why they choose to release it freely I’ve got the most incredible answer: They want people to enjoy and discover their music.

            An overall vote is 8/10 and I am quite sure that there’s still space for further improvement and will be waiting for new releases of Lady and the Bass. For now, enjoy the very pleasant interview Alberto Rigoni kindly gave me.


  1.  Eclectic (music and lyrics by Alberto Rigoni)
  2. Soaring (music by Alberto Rigoni, lyrics by Irene Ermolli)
  3. A New Life(music by Alberto Rigoni and lyrics by Irene Ermolli)
  4. BASSex v2 (music and lyrics by Alberto Rigoni)
  5. Let Me try (music and lyrics by Alberto Rigoni)
  6. Paradise (music by Alberto Rigoni and lyrics by Irene Ermolli)
  7. Slave (music by Federico Solazzo and lyrics by Alberto Rigoni)

 – Reviewed by Logan Lee