Suspyre – Suspyre (2012)

Suspyre Album Art

 As I have predicted on my last time reviewing a Suspyre album, this guys from New Jersey (USA) really have an immense growth potential and this new self-titled album is the proof of it.

            This is their first album since co-founder and guitarist Rich Skibinsky left the band to start a new career path (personally I think a great guitar player such as Rich will be missed on the prog scenario, but…good luck for him). However, the new guitar due formed by Andrew Distabile and Gregg Rossetti (is it me or isn’t NJ populated by Italians surnames?) really managed to keep the level high.

            On this album I could so easily find some cool similarities with some great bands, mostly with Symphony X (if you like Russell Allen’s voice, there’s no way you won’t enjoy Clay Barton’s way of singing), and yet it was also clear that Suspyre is able to experience new musical borders. An example for me is track 5, Fire Dancer, which is also among my favorites alongside tracks 4, 9 and 10, Still bending the Violet, The whispers never written (overall, the best for me) and The man made of stone respectively.

            Even though the above mentioned songs are great, the rest of the album is for no reason to be left aside. Suspyre is a complete and complex album filled with amazing (and well inserted) musical arrangements that won’t let you down. All transitions are well though to their minimum details and the result is an album that you can easily listen many times during the week without getting bored at all.

            This is their fourth album and Suspyre is already, at least in my humble opinion, one of the best bands in the U.S. and with that level of improvement from one album to another.

            In the past I had the honor to interview their drummer Gabe Marshall for and back then I asked him if Suspyre were considering a tour around Europe and he said they would love it. I am hoping that they will pay the Old Continent a visit this time.            

            You might already know by now that my vote is very high 9,5/10… but if you listen to the album I think you will all agree with me on this one!


  1. Chaser (4:50)
  2. Tranquility and Stress (9:58)
  3. The Divided Son (4:57)
  4. Still Bending the Violet (6:14)
  5. The Fire Dancer (5:12)
  6. Cancún (3:56)
  7. Shades... (0:48)
  8. The Cycle (5:13)
  9. The Whispers Never Written (9:16)
  10. The Man Made of Stone (12:25)

Review by Logan Lee