Adrenaline Mob – Omertà (2012)

Omertà Album Art

  I have postponed this review on purpose because even though I knew about it and have listened to it a lot of times I had to see them live at least once to attach further information (also for my personal pleasure) for you guys. So, after the review, take a look on the small article about their performance in Rome on the last June 20th .

            For what concerns Adrenaline Mob as a super group there’s really little space left for add-ons. The best drummer around, Mike Portnoy, has meet the amazing voice (and charisma) of Russell Allen, not to mention the great guitar player Mike Orlando and powerful Disturbed bass player John Moyer creating a project that I hope will last.    

            The reason of this hope is Omertà. The best 2012 release so far (on my opinion) has 11 tracks and a vast range of styles and interpretations. Here is a small list of what you will find on Omertà: great guitar riffs; lessons of drums technique; voice versatility; powerful tracks; good songwriting . . . and it could proceed a while.      

            Well, let’s now talk about the tracks. Omertà opens with a three tracks sequence that is hard to define, Undaunted, Psychosane and Indifferent gives you the kind of energy that we need on this days. I can’t get enough of hearing this 3 tracks and my car CD player seems to understand me.

            The rest of the album is equally amazing with no low moments. They have managed to cover it all: energy as abovementioned, a great hit duo as Angels Sky and All in the Line, a Duran Duran cover (in my opinion “improved”) and whatever else you seek on a must have album you will saw in Omertà!

            There’s nothing else left to say about it… oh yeah, the vote…I was not forgetting it but it’s quite obvious that it is a perfect for Mike and the MOB!!

            See concert review below!


Track Listing














"All on the Line"  



"Hit the Wall"  



"Feelin' Me"  



"Come Undone" (Duran Duran cover ft. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm)



"Believe Me"  



"Down to the Floor"  



"Angel Sky"  



"Freight Train"  





Russell Allen - lead vocals
Mike Orlando - lead guitar
Mike Portnoy - drums, percussion, backing vocals (live)
John Moyer - bass guitar


Live in Rome (@ Orion Club on June 20th 2012) – Article by Logan Lee


Omertà and Mob are a real theme here in Italy, issues still to be resolved, but Mike and the rest of his MOB has turned this themes as positive at least for this once. Only music (particularly Rock and Prog music) has this power nowadays.          

The opening band DGM prepared the crowd with almost 50 minutes of amazing prog and surprised me a lot, especially because I did not know they would be there (the concert itself was not well promoted and I happen to hear about it on a radio station that a rarely listen to). After this great entrée and a bit of waiting the roman crowd was gifted by the amazing scene presence of Mike Portnoy and Russell Allen.

The Concert lasted nearly two hours and they have played all Omertà tracks plus some previously released tracks (of their first EP) and an exceptional cover of the Mob Rules. It’s quite impressive to see them playing live in a small reality like Rome (unfortunately prog is not very followed around here) as if they were on a full stadium with Dream Theater, disturbed or Symphony X.

That can be sensed on Russell’s words between tracks when he said that they will put their soul on this project and if they have to start from the beginning they will. It’s a real thing Adrenaline Mob he said. LET’S ALL HOPE for the second album (and to see them around here as soon as possible)!

– Review by Logan Lee