Andromeda - Manifest Tyranny (2011)

Manifest Tyranny Album Art

Review by Logan Lee

    Hi there PerfectProgers!! Long time no see… Finally I have found some time to listen to music as it should be heard, and there could not be a better way to start this 2013 than discovering this Andromeda album, Manifest Tyranny.
            Discover, because the album was released on 2011 but somehow I’ve managed to miss it (I still don’t know how, because Andromeda is among my favorites prog bands). After the amazing live release “Playing of the board” and the previous released studio album “The immunity zone” I thought it would be really hard to match such level, but once again these Swedish guys managed to reach a great level with Manifest Tyranny, released by the “Inner Wound Recordings”.
            The album is, in an overall view, very complex and well arranged, musically but also on its lyrics. I really enjoyed reviewing this CD because every time it proposed some new perspectives. For example, at first I did not gave track 7 (Asylum) much attention and afterwards I’ve found it very peculiar and experimental (and in the end… Prog is all about that!).                
            Nevertheless, my favorite tracks on this Manifest Tyranny are tracks 3 (Stay unaware), 5 (False Flag) and the most complex of them all, in my humble opinion, track 10 (Antidote) not only because of how great they sound but also for what their direct text messages  that sounds like an invitation to wake up to the Tyranny hidden in modern society. This theme is something I really care but I will not delay myself here talking about it, but please pay lots of attention also to the Andromeda lyrics here since I believe they have hit the point (as always I might add).
            While I am writing this review I am hearing it again, and I have to add another tracks to my favorite list: Lies ‘r’ US and Survival of the richest. I will end this review saying that we have to Stay “AWARE” in order to not allow the sole survival of the “Richest” &“Chosen by (money) God” and to find the “Antidote” against them instead of just “Going back to sleep”. As you might have noticed I am really thankful to Andromeda for the subjects treated on Manifest Tyranny since it reflects my anxiety and hopes on this 2013 start, and my overall (music + lyrics)


vote for this album is 9,5/10.


  1. Preemptive Strike
  2. Lies 'R' Us
  3. Stay Unaware
  4. Survival of the Richest
  5. False Flag
  6. Chosen by God
  7. Asylum
  8. Play Dead
  9. Go Back to Sleep
  10. Antidote
  11. Line Up:
  12. Johan Reinholdz – Guitar
  13. David Fremberg – Vocals
  14. Thomas Lejon – Drums
  15. Martin Hedin – Keyboards
  16. Linus Abrahamson – Bass

Review by Logan Lee