Dianoya - Lidocaine

Lidocaine Album Art


LIDOCAINE, second album from DIANOYA, eleven songs, 55 minutes of Progressive metal / rock, with alternative touches, technical music with amazing feeling, more sentiment than Obscurity Divine, quiet music that suddenly explodes, guitar sounds like emotional expression, magnificent music, voice and lyrics, the Polish sentiment is latent on the entire album.
Song by song:

Far Cry, heavy song, crushing guitar and arrhythmic drums, moving voice, totally emotive, pay attention to the bass, simply brilliant!! Very DIANOYA.

Cold genius, good theme, good guitar harmonies, bass and drums, relaxing composition.

1000 G, check this track, one of my favorites, feel how music evolves you, put attention on drums at the beginning, also, great voice´s effect, three guitars at the same time, distortion, acoustic and solo accompanied by technical drums, makes me insane!! Impressive guitar riffs and patterns to end, accelerating drums to end.

One Sided, another preferred mine, Filip’s top vocalist, strong voice and sentimental, what else can you ask to a singer; music made by cymbals and guitar, check the drums, the rhythms change, very progressive.

Good News Come After a While, hi-hat and guitar to initiate, check how guitar raises volume and tones,  

Figaro Song, Best Wishes intro, acoustic guitar and bass, great melody.

Best Wishes, personally, the greatest song, BW got everything to be a masterpiece, amazing voice, lyrics and chorus, incredible guitar sounds, an enigmatic atmosphere, listen all the instruments and enjoy it.

Particularly I like this part from the lyrics “Here you go all right, here you go you sick fuck, I promise there will be a day when you run out of luck and till that day all right take back your fucking smile! I truly wish, so truly wish you . . . to die”

End Game, guitar chords with snare, ride and cymbals, quiet guitar starts, melodic voice, arrhythmic drums,

Nothing in Return, longest song, guitar patterns with cymbals and bass, fantastic guitar effects, like in the entire lp, wonderful vocals, brilliant solo

21st Century, album’s powerful track, what a style to play guitar by Jan, in the last minute check drums, amazing!!  

Venid, Outro to end LIDOCAINE.

Lidocaine is an excellent musical proposal, please buy it, for sure you will enjoy it so much as me.