Turbulence - Disequilibrium (2015)

With a powerful sound, Turbulence from Lebanon have managed to properly expose the qualities of the band through an amazingly tight album. Execution is on its highest.

“Disequilibrium” is above all a metal album with tags power/progressive that accompany it. The band balances between shorter and longer compositions to get the message across, and it works equally impressively, with strong influences from Dream Theater, Symphony X and Ayreon. There are also references to bands such as Vanden Plans and a bit of Myrath.

The second half of the album “clicks” with me better, showing a little bit more deviation from the norm and more guitar-keyboards interplay. However, 54 minutes of the album’s playtime left me wanting more, without noticing weak moments. I would like to hear more innovation and less reliance on already tested riffs and ideas.

“Disequilibrium” is a strong and tasty release that will appeal to prog metal fans.