Advent Horizon - Stagehound Review

It would be a tough sell to convince anyone that Advent Horizon is doing something new on their second studio album “Stagehound,” but to be honest there were not many albums (if not at all) that bring such an interesting on heavy prog combined with blues, alternative rock and even funk. And because of that this Salt Lakers deserve attention from fans of progressive rock. Their workmanly collision of Rush’s prog and Led Zeppelin’s rock is too common on paper, but Advent Horizon have a good sound going for them.

With a guitar-rich sound that should be familiar with the Lifeson/Page hybrid, it falls upon the songwriting and small nuances of personality to distinguish Stagehound. For what it’s worth, this album is an upbeat release full of interesting melodies and rhythms. Although the first half of the record is very attention-grabbing, it’s the second half where Advent Horizon really hit their mark. “Serpentine” racks up an entire album side (if we were speaking of sides); and even if that sort of thing appears to be a go-to calling card in prog rock, it shouldn’t diminish the weight of the ambition it takes to accomplish one. Instrumental “Magic Chef” hits up the atmosphere with its fuzziness and a guitar solo that would make the above mentioned folk show thumbs up. “Oceans” cools the things down with calming voice of Rylee McDonald.

“Wilted Grace” and “Midweek Maniac” set the album back on the already paved path, showcasing how a song can be in the same time catchy and complex. Advent Horizon sound tight enough to suit the style, and compared to a lot of the progressive rock that comes out today, “Stagehound” comes off as a totally different and interesting take.

With all said and done, Advent Horizon is a band that signals big things are yet to come. These guys have potential to make something big. And memorable.