Therein - Nobelium (2015) Review

Therein - Nobelium 2015
September 21st 20015

Australian proggers Therein resurfaced this year with a reissued version of their 2013 album “Nobelium.” However there are many influences of the bands and artists the band is inspired by, Brisbanians  do have their own approach to songs and style that works well in the Therein context.

“Nobelium” 2015 has nine tracks in total; the album’s diversity makes it sure that the record is not a fatigue-filled experience. Each of the songs bring something new and interesting, and as the album nears the end the progress they make becomes more obvious. There are instantaneous changes in music, what makes the listening even more exciting despite the fact that the songs are long. In fact, lengthy pieces make it easier structurally for the album, what again makes the album more meaningful.

There are dozens of changes: between brutal and clean vocals (Cameron Whelan’s singing is impressive), between clean and distorted guitars, calm drum patterns and aggressive hitting. 

It is not easy to categorise this record under a specific genre label, though the tag “progressive” is used to describe Therein’s music because the music is indeed like that. Influences ranging from country to folk to doom metal and more, tell enough about how “Nobelium” is materialised. 

Luckily for us, the band decided to re-release “Nobelium” with previously unheard music dating back from the writing sessions of the original release. Now after that’s cleared, I hope that we will not wait so long before the next Therein opus is revealed.

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