Misty Morning - GA.GA.R.IN Review

Misty Morning - GA.GA.R.IN (2015)
September 14th 2015

Rome based stoner rock, doom/heavy metal folks Misty Morning have been active since 1995 when singer and guitarist Luca Moretti and bassist Massimo Vendittozzi decided to make some noise. In 2007 drummer Francesco de Dominicis joined the band. Their first EP “Martian Pope” was released in 2009, and two years later the band put out a two-track maxi single “Saint Shroom.”

Last year, Misty Morning released their debut full-length titled “GA.GA.R.IN. - Galactic Gateways for Reborn Intellects.” With duration of almost 60 minutes, “GA.GA.R.IN.” features 12 songs in total from which four are instrumentals. It has to be said that last two songs on the record are the renditions of the title song, with lyrics in Italian and Japanese.

Although it could be marked as an experimental record, “GA.GA.R.IN.” heavily relies on stoner rock, in addition of progressive metal. The interaction between vocals, bass and electric guitar is smooth, but still heavy to wake a devil in you. Massive riff-work in the title song accompanied with catchy chorus will make you nodding your head with thumbs up, proving that Misty Morning chose the righteous path. The first out of two epics, “Mourn O’ Whales” naturally takes time to open, but once it does it ultimately hits you that “GA.GA.R.IN.” is extremely underrated work. The gloominess of “Black Monk Lives,” as well as the space psychedelia in “Ballo in Fa# Min” fit well with the album’s flow, what is another indicator of how diverse this record is.

Misty Morning are working on new material that will be released later this year, and after taking “GA.GA.R.IN.” in consideration, we can expect another strong release from Italians. Bring it on!

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