Daydream XI - The Grand Disguise Review

Daydream XI - The Grand Disguise (2014)

Review by Derek Avila

May 19th 2015


Based in Brazil, Daydream XI is making its way into the Major leagues of Progressive Metal.

The Grand Disguise is their first full length album; full of energy and impeccably mixed and produced, this album is filled with details only noticeable after many listenings.

After being in an -apparently- eternal loop, playing the first song over and over (which quickly made it to my favorite list), I begun to analyze the entire album, from top to bottom and I have only one word to say: WOW!

Just: WOW!

But now for a more detailed analysis:

Track by track

The first song: "Keeping the Dream Alive" is a very catchy song and intricate enough to never get old. It remind us to always keep our dreams alive and it does transmit that message; and even resembles what we suppose, is a little back-story of the band.

"Like Darkness Rules the Night" starts as a heavy as it can be, reminding us of Symphony X. We start to notice subtle keyboard parts which give this piece a very detailed ambient, also the bass is very noticeable on its carefully crafted arrangements.

"The Guts of Hell" come to us in occasions as a mix of both Power and Death Metal, but in a progressive ambience. After half the song we are carried on a trip to hell itself and then return to the chorus to end the song with a badass heavy riff.

"The Age of Sadness" starts as a balad where Tiago delight us with his powerful yet expressive voice and rich backup vocals. Then the song comes alive and happy with some keyboard parts defying the song's very name and after this, it returns to remind us of the balad that was... NOT.

The technique of Tomas Gonzaga surprise us in "Wings of Destruction" as an amazing set of bass solos rules the song. The chorus is also a good combination of Melodic Power Metal with a progressive touch, reminding us of Vision Divine. Brilliant backup vocals lead the final chorus to its fast and agressive ending.

"About Life and its Ending" is an incredibly heavy song which invite us to rock our heads, with fast dynamic verses and a solo battle in the middle that resembles the battle of Life and Death.

Bringing us memories of the progressive rock years, "Phoenix" starts with joy and complexity in equal parts, The extended chorus give uniqueness to this piece as well as the harmonies after the guitar solo and the ending, tough different fits like a puzzle piece.

"Alone" is the real balad in this album, with cello parts and beautiful orchestrations, this song finally give us moment to breathe and an opportunity to be conducted to a sad place, guided by a fretless bass and a guitar solo that explain the difference between speed and feeling.

Daydream XI let us take a break before the war...

Finally we have "The Grand Disguise" the song wich entitles the album, a Powerful Epic of almost 24 minutes with every kind of passages imaginable and every bit of power and speed that Daydream XI offered us from the start. A lot of tempo and key changes give this piece no place for boredom, we have equal measures of melodic and agressive parts, all enclosed in a dark ambiance. The song also explores a very similar chorus with different styles and little changes that leaves something fresh each time. Is suprising that the drummer is still alive at this point. At the end of the song Tiago invite us to experience his most sentimental side and then the hymn-type farewell of the Grand Disguise is adressed by epic fanfarres and an emotive chant to close a chapter and be ready to start a new path.

Review by Derek Avila

Track Listing:
  1. Keeping the Dream Alive
  2. Like Darkness Rules the Night
  3. Watch Me Rise
  4. The Guts of Hell
  5. The Age of Sadness
  6. Winds of Destruction
  7. About Life and Its Ending
  8. Phoenix
  9. Zero Days
  10. Alone
  11. The Grand Disguise
Release Date:
  • September 27th 2014
Recorded at:
  • XI Cube, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Drums recorded at:
  • Trascendental Studios, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Band Lineup:
  • Bruno Giordano - Drums
  • Marcelo Pereira - Guitar
  • Tomás Gonzaga - Bass
  • Tiago Masseti - Guitar, Vocals