Haken - The Mountain (2013)

Haken - The Mountain (2013)

Review by Derek Avila

January 3rd 2014

Haken its well known for being a band in constant state of change, in terms of sound, intentions and style. Regarding their last album "The Mountain" they show us one more phase and stand in their own genre, one wich merge Progressive Rock elements from the years of YES and ELP, with the agressive sound of the Progressive Metal from the latest years.

Starting as an apparent easy to listen album, rapidily becomes in a complex work and full of both instrumental and orchestral details, consequence of the mastery of Diego Tejeida in the keyboards, strong guitar melodies by Richard Henshall (Hen the Genius) and Charles Griffiths. Solid and rich rythms by Raymond Hearne, incredible bass work by Tom Maclean, all topped by the versatile voice of Ross Jennings. The result is a true Mountain of sound, hard to tackle in one hearing.

The album shows up the virtuosity of the members of the band, as well as the perfect synchrony between them. Starting from the first song "The Path" with an ambientation that remind us of the beginning of a play and then gives us a little taste of a melody which will be used in "Because Is There" (full of vocal harmonies and feeling impressed in all instruments)

The journey continues and little by little you climb The mountain with dangerous complex songs like "Falling Back to Earth" and take rests with themes made up from pure feelings like "As Death Embraces". "Pareidolia" with its oriental ambiance surprises us in our way. And finally you begin to realize all that Haken is.

The climax as you conquer the mountain, epic in your returning to your initial path is announced by beautiful horns and as you descend you find yourself a better man.

Some of the best that I have listened this year, highly recommended for the prog rock lovers as well as the prog metal ones.


Track Listing:
  1. The Path
  2. Atlas Stone
  3. Cockroach King
  4. In Memoriam
  5. Because it's There
  6. Falling Back to Earth
    1. Rise
    2. Fall
  7. As Death Embraces
  8. Pareidolia
  9. Somebody
  10. *The Path Unbeaten
  11. *Nobody
* Bonus Track
Release Date:
  • September 2nd 2013
Band Lineup:
  • Ross Jennings - Vocals
  • Richard Henshall - Guitar, Keyboards
  • Charlie Griffiths - Guitar
  • Tom Maclean - Bass Guitar
  • Diego Tejeida - Keyboards, Sound Design
  • Raymond Hearne - Drums


Cockroach King (Single Version)


Pareidolia Official Video