Lucio Manca - Everybody Needs an Angel (2013)

Lucio Manca - Everybody Needs an Angel

Review by Chuy

January 2nd 2014

9.4 / 10

Talented italian bassist, composer, writer and solo artist Lucio manca introduces his first album, Everybody Needs and Angel, he’s the bass player of SOLID VISION, DOMINICIand RAVEN LORD, in this pleasant instrumental journey he´s accompanied by Matteo Mereu on drums, Americo Rigoldi on keyboards and his brother Mauro Manca on guitars; the album’s story is about a mother who loses her son and eleven years later she receives a message from him, and later she died, forever together.

Everybody Needs An Angel, the result of several years of hard work and lots of illusions that created eleven themes, almost 50 minutes from progressive metal/ambient, in the vein of Porcupine Tree, Riverside and Lunatic Soul; a fascinating mind trip, fantastic musical atmospheres, great synergy between the musicians, heavy guitar riffs and amazing effects, keyboards orchestration, remarkable technical bass, and outstanding drums, also Italian feeling is included

Very enjoyable, please buy it, highly recommended for any musical collection.



Scorched Earth Official Music Video

Track Listing:
  1. Voices from Beyond
  2. The Shadow
  3. Balance
  4. 'Phenomena
  5. Give Away
  6. For What Little It Might Be Worth
  7. Everybody Needs an Angel
  8. 'Elizabeth
  9. The Human capacity to Reflect and Decide
  10. Scorched Earth
  11. E....
Release Date:
Guest Musicians:
  • Matteo Mereu – Drums
  • Americo Rigoldi – Keyboards
  • Mauro Manca – Guitars