Nathan Frost – Synecron (2013)

Synecron Album Art
9.5 / 10

Virtuoso Nathan Frost makes his debut on the metal scene, Synecron, his album, six songs, one with two drums versions, 52 minutes of instrumental progressive metal music with fusion and neoclassical sounds, Nathan played keyboards, piano and bass, Virgil Donati and Marco Minemann on drums, Marco Sfogli and Taka Minamino on guitars, Derek Sherinian as keyboard engineer and a unique solo at the first theme.

Fascinating musical proposal by Nathan, the result for several years of recordings and mixes, finally here, this album is powerful and innovative, the musicians involved in this project are truly masters, just listen every track, great performance.

Very interesting thing is that the same song Empire Rising was recorded two times, Empire Rising 505 AD with Virgil Donati, and Empire Rising 2000 AD with Marco Minemann, both versions are fantastic, completely innovative, never made it before, it’s amazing how each drummer shows his creativity.

Samsara is a masterpiece played with classical piano, it´s fantastic, Nathan is a virtuoso musician, he shows us with this song, enjoy it.

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By Chuy Monjarás