Adrenaline Mob – Adrenaline Mob (2011) – Review by Logan Lee

Adrenaline Mob Album Art

While we wait (here in Europe since in America it has already been released) for the their first full length album, let’s talk about this small EP of this super band. Adrenaline Mob is the first Mike Portnoy (real) project after his farewell to Dream Theater and, if they follow this EP path from now on, it might give us a lot to talk and hear about.

The self-titled EP has been released on 2011 and contain four very powerful tracks plus a black Sabbath cover played magnificently by this guys. The union of Mike’s energy and Russell’s amazing voice and ability to interpret is the most striking feature of this project that may sound as a perfect mix of prog and heavy metal.

As you all know, usually I don’t waste time writing about vocalists (I love instrumental parts better) but people like Russell Allen, Jorn Lande, Bruce Dickinson, ecc are above this rule and it’s almost necessary to mention their part as if their voices were a sort of musical instrument. Russell is truly among my favorites and if he continues to grow like in his last projects (this EP and Allen-Lande three albums for instance) he may stay there for a while.

The four tracks are a preview of what this guys might reach with their upcoming album (to be released here in Europe on March 19th) Omertà and I really can’t wait to write about a full length album. For now, all I have to suggest you is to listen to this four tracks and wait for news about their next album soon here on

For Mike’s courage to start over and hoping that he will focus a lot on this project (as well on the other amazing super group Transatlantic) the vote is a full 9/10.

Ohh, I was almost forgetting it: you may check a preview of Omertà on this link . Enjoy!!! Truly a great Band. Hope to see them live soon!

  1. Psychosane - 4:38
  2. Believe Me - 3:58
  3. Hit The Wall - 6:25
  4. Down To The Floor - 3:45
  5. The Mob Rules" (Black Sabbath cover) - 3:16
Line Up:
  • Russell Allen - Vocals
  • Mike Orlando - Lead Guitar
  • Rich Ward - Rythm Guitar
  • Paul DiLeo - Bass and Back Vocals
  • Mike Portnoy - Drums and Percussions