Circus Maximus - Nine (2012)

Nine Album Art

Five years after the release of their second effort ‘‘Isolate’’, Circus Maximus has finally come back with a new album underarm that’s called ‘‘Nine’’.

Last year Micheal Eriksen told us in an interview with PerfectProg that this album would have a total different sound… How will it be? There’s just one way to know it

How will it be? That’s exactly what makes you wonder the first track ‘‘Forging’’, a mysterious intro that works as a curtain for the Nine’s show.

When the curtain falls the ‘‘Architect of Fortune’’ arrives with a sound that would be perfect to open fires on live shows. It start with the heavier sound (even with a short flirtation with Djent) of the band but subtly gives way to a really well done melodic sound, especially on the chorus, and a great second verse where I cannot avoid to remember the best time of Queensrÿche.

Just when your ears are filled with that beautiful harmony of the old Circus Maximus side, the band says ‘‘Namaste’’, with a heavy and straightforward track that brings back the sound of Isolate through chunky riffs and a sticky chorus.

‘‘Game Of Life’’ is an interesting track that starts with some reminiscences of Dream Theater but quickly begins to create its own identity through Michael’s phrasing that seems to lead the whole sound motion until a powerful guitar solo emerges, to finally return to the melodic sound.

Another light and melodic track comes with ‘‘Reach Within’’, a really easy-to-listen-to song that has that vibe almost pop that could easily make it a radial single.

Something similar happens with ‘‘I Am’’. The song continues with the melodic sound and that pop radial vibe but also brings back some more progressive elements to the ears that end enriching the track, but just like the previous track still it’s a little lazy.

Just when you start to miss more progressive and heaviness, it seems like the band can hear your thoughts and ‘‘Used’’ starts to sound carrying with it the best musical arguments of the band. It’s simply a great and brilliant song that makes you say… Woow!

Following the path of the last song ‘‘The One’’ arrives. This time the song includes more melodic elements but genuinely, making the song a totally perfect sound amalgam. There’s no doubt that this is another highlight of the album.

After these two songs, you could possibly think that nothing better can come, and the band once again seems to hear your thoughts but this time is to prove that you’re wrong. ‘‘Burned After Reading’’ it’s an epic song full of creativity and talent, it’s an awesome piece of art that deserves to be listened rather than read.

The final track is ‘‘Last Goodbye’’, which catches perfectly the farewell-sound for an ending song with a high musical level that has every element of the album with very well done progressive lines and melodic harmonies, so obviously it’s a great track and the perfect track to close the show.

Definitely, Michael did not lie at all in our interview. This Nine is neither the return of The 1st Chapter nor the continuation of Isolate, it’s the best of both but renewed and loaded with a fresh sound, directed to please everyone, those who enjoy the most progressive side (with the second half of the album) and those who likes the melodic side of the band (with the first half) and obviously those who likes both sides, but also it is directed to reach new and more ears, and I think they are gonna make it.

Great job!

  1. Forging
  2. Architect of Fortune
  3. Namaste
  4. Game of Life
  5. Reach Within
  6. Let it Rain
  7. I Am
  8. Used
  9. The One
  10. Burned After Reading
  11. Last Goodbye

Rating: 9.0

By Joan López Duarte