Tomorrows Eve Tales From Serpentia 9/10

Tomorrows Eve are a 5 piece progressive metal band hailing from Germany. Tales From Serpentia is their 4th release and the songs are made up of short stories, as i was listening the album somewhat reminded me of Minds Eye's, A Gentlemans Hurricane and i personally consider that album a true masterpiece.
This is very catchy atmospheric prog metal and the keyboards are a highlight creating great feel to the whole album. The vocals are very powerful and full of energy by Martin Lemar, He reminds me of Oliver Hartmann of At Vance fame. It is hard to pick standout tracks as the album is very strong from start to finish but personally Dream Diary, The Curse,The Tower and the awesome last track Muse are the pick of a great bunch.The final track Muse, clocking in at just over 19 minutes is full of incredible musicianship very reminiscent of Dream Theater's Awake period. This cd will be spinning in my player for a long time yet as this is real top notch stuff from a band only going one way and thats up!!!

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