Enchant - The Great Divide WINNER of the 2014 Best Album of The Year Poll!! Congratulations!

Tuesday, February 10th 2015

The winner of the 2014 Album of the Year has been unveiled

Prog Rock Legendary band Enchant returns triumphant more than 10 years after "Tugs Of War" Album with "The Great Divide"

You can read more about Enchant in their Official Website

Don't forget to listen to all the contestants as the selection for this year was sublime.


Place Artist Album Votes Percentage
1st Enchant The Great Divide 116 34.62
2nd Angel Vivaldi Away With Words 93 27.76
3rd Haken Restoration (EP) 49 14.63
4th Anubis Gate Horizons 32 9.55
5th Antoine Fafard Ad Perpetuum 12 3.58
6th Distorted Harmony Chain Reaction 7 2.09
7th Animals As Leaders The Joy of Motion 7 2.09
8th Threshold For The Journey 6 1.79
9th Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us 5 1.49