Felah-Enkum Project, Progressive Flamenco from Mexico

Felah-Enkum Project

April 8th 2014

The Felah-Enkum Project is a Mexican Progressive Flamenco band. The band's music are original compositions that achieve a unique sound due to the fusion of the musical diversity of the members, ranging from flamenco, tango, jazz, rock, classical, progressive and experimental.

This flamenco progressive mexican band with amazing energy and unique style makes this a one of a kind band to be enjoyed by all - Premier Records News.

The Felah-Enkum Project as the self entitled album is now global in over 100 countries.

  • Jorge De Llano / Lead Guitar
  • Elzen Quintero / Rythm Guitar
  • Hernan Lugo / Percussions

Label: Premier Records Inc.

  1. Bandar
  2. Draconis
  3. El Árabe Loco (Abdul Alhazred)
  4. Diablo Tango
  5. El Pórtico
  6. El templo de UR
  7. Angkor
  8. R'lyeh

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Felah-Enkum Project - Angkor


Felah-Enkum Project - Draconis (Official Video)