ProgPower Europe 2014 new additions to the line-up

By adding four new names, the ProgPower organization are taking another step towards completing this year's line-up. The following bands have been added: Aeon of Horus (Aus), Disperse (Pol), Voyager (Aus) and Cartographer (NL). It again shows the diversity of the ProgPower Europe festival. Earlier Pagan’s Mind, Jolly, Headspace, Chimp Spanner, Aeon Zen, Tenebris, Prospect and Vulture Industries where announced setting the total count to 12 bands so far. Only 2 more bands need to be announced to complete the full line-up. At the same time a new web design (in style with the 2014 edition) has gone live: Ticket for ProgPower Europe 2014 can be ordered at: