Video - Vanden Plas - "Chronicles of the Immortals - Netherworld" official trailer

Vanden Plas just released the official trailer for their upcomming album titled "Cronicles of the Immortals - Netherworld (Path 1)"

The concept album will include the following tracks:

  1. Vision 1ne
  2. Vision 2wo (The Black Knight)
  3. Vision 3hree (Godmaker)
  4. Vision 4our (Misery Affection Prelude)
  5. Vision 5ive (A Ghost's Requiem)
  6. Vision 6ix (New Vampyre)
  7. Vision 7ven (The King And The Children Of Lost World)
  8. Vision 8ight (Misery Affection)
  9. Vision 9ine (Soul Alliance)
  10. Vision 10n (Inside)

The release date is February 21st for Europe and February 24th for North America.

You can preorder the album now on Amazon

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Watch the video Here