Interview with Fatal Destiny


Fatal Destiny from Verona are on the verge of releasing their debut album titled \"Palindromia\" in March. The band told us about it in the interview below.

I suppose that \"Palindromia\" reflects the closing of an important chapter in your lives. Do you agree? Please tell me what it signifies.

Riccardo: Yes, it\'s the closing and opening of a new chapter. The title is open to different interpretations, for example it may indicate the cycle of life and death.

How long did the record take from start to finish?

Nick: It took more or less a month. The toughest part has definitely been the composition.

Take me through the evolution of \"Palindromia\".

Riccardo: Metaphorically speaking Palindromia has been a big-bang, an explosion of ideas assembled coherently.

How have you evolved as writers since you started working on the album, and during the songwriting process?

Nick: I think composition may be compared to life; as time goes on we grow up and learn. At least I hope so.

How does the album apply to the modern-day society?

Filippo: \"Palindromia\" is topical and modern. The album does not deal with issues such as political or current events. For this reason I think that is perfect like musical soundtrack of today and tomorrow.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your creative process?

Nick:Finding new ideas and trying to express my thoughts in a way that allows the audience to comprehend our

What studio setup did you use for recording \"Palindromia\"?

Andrea: In studio I used excellent microphones (Neumann) and a specific one (Shure) to record vocal parts that had a kind of ìintercom effectî.

Do you feel like servants of the music, or it is the other way around?

Riccardo: First of all we\'re passionate about music and weíll always be indepted to it.

How do you go about initially capturing ideas for compositions?

Nick: At first I write down all the ideas that I like the most and also everything that runs through my head: a chord, a line, then I gradually try to develop them. No tricks! There are no prearranged recipes.

What is your take on what the streaming services offer to musicians at this point?

Andrea: I think itís always good publicity but my guess is that radio broadcasts are better because you can listen to them almost everywhere if an internet connection is not available.

Are you already working on new music? How much music have you written that remains unrecorded? Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with this band?

Nick: We shall continue to devote our life to music until the very end. We do know our goals!

Andrea: We do want to step up the game in order to do our best in every single thing weíre working on.