Interview with viseMenn


One of the songs I had quite a lot on the repeat in last month is a new single by Norwegian atmospheric rock quartet viseMenn. The band shot the video for the single \"Begging You Please,\" and I really hope that we won\'t wait too long before they come up with a full-length release.

In the interview we conducted with the band, they talk about their work.

Define the mission of viseMenn.

Our music would have to be our mission.

Tell me about the creative process that informed your recently released single “Begging You Please” and the theme this song captures.

It\'s been evolving through a combination of live performances and recording attempts combined with it\'s own ability and will to survive despite of unfavorable environmental conditions. The theme of the song is of an emotional abstract character and is best left there so that it\'s mystery and intrinsic potency is not dried out by the process of intellectualisation.

What is the message you are trying to give with “Begging You Please\"?

It is far from fiction but simultaneously completely subjective and imaginary.

How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

Through endless arguments and other practices of consciousness widening and memorizing.

Is the dynamic flow of the pieces carefully architected or is it an organic outgrowth of performing them together?

It is part of the original idea and has been further crafted through performances.

Describe the approach to recording the song.

Initially we went for a live recording setup where we recorded all the instruments at once in the same room. The vocals were recorded afterwards. We could never really get the guitar sounds to work, mainly the distorted guitars gave us a headache.

We started a long process of reamping, experimenting with different amps, changing guitars and pickups, trying different rooms and finally we arrived at a sound we were happy with. Thanks to Øystein Bredesen for helping in this process. We also spend some time doing reamping in the woods to capture some natural ambience, if you listen carefully you can hear the birds chirping.

How long “Begging You Please” was in the making?

“Begging You Please” is very young, only just about 10 years old.

Which bands or artists influenced your work on the release?

Music in the likes of Queen, Muse, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Shostakovitch has definitely broadened our horizons, but there is no doubt that we are largely influenced by our surrounding nature and it\'s shifting tempers and as in music we tend to be susceptible to the mood or atmosphere that it imposes.

What is your view on technology in music?

Technology can be a great source of inspiration when opening doors to new sounds and possibilities. But it can just as easily become a great distraction to the source of the music itself.

Do you see the band’s music as serving a purpose beyond music?

In the words of Louis Armstrong: “What you play is life.”

What are your plans for the future?

We hope to finish our album, continue traveling, shooting another video and releasing another single and keep on rocking in a free world! (In no particular order of preference.)