Interview with Matt Harrison of Wolf Company

Wolf Company

It\'s always nice to start following a band during its early stages. Manchester\'s Wolf Company have recently released their debut video single for the song \"Your Stain,\" which also paves the path for the future. Drummer Matt Harrison talked with Perfect Prog about the band\'s work and plans.

Tell me what inspired the story of “The Stain” video.

There was actually nothing in particular that inspired the story, but the meaning of the story can be interpreted by the viewer. It is based around an idea of a person wanting to be remembered, so doing something shocking to make their mark as such.

When can we expect to see the first full-length by Wolf Company? How much of material you have at the moment?

We’re always writing music and creating new ideas. We’re aiming to have another single out by the end of the year then another in early 2016. The full length will come in good time, but it will only be when we’re completely happy with what we’re releasing and the time is right.

Where does the band’s name come from?

It’s at this point we should have a really cool story about being children raised by wolves or something like that! However that isn’t the case, it’s actually inspired by the Incubus song ‘In The Company Of Wolves’.

As a new band in music business, what are your expectations on the promotional side?

The promotional side of things is something people often underestimate the importance of. You may have the best songs ever written but if you don’t know how to promote them then it’s useless. That being said, it’s (in my opinion) one of the hardest things to grasp and keep on top of. If you have promotion down to a tee then you’re on a winner.

How do people react on your live performance?

We’ve only played two shows with the current line up, but the shows we’ve played have been responded to really well. We’re always going to have room for improvement just like anyone else, but have had some really positive feedback. The most notable being ‘A masterclass in band dynamics’ which from a musicians point of view is really flattering. We’ll continue to play live and hopefully gain new fans (if we’re any good!).

Speaking of concerts, do you also throw any cover versions in your live repertoire?

Currently not. We’ve had a surge of writing so rather than compromise our own creativity we’ve been focusing own our own material. However, We are starting to work on one or two covers that have potential to be thrown in the live set, and potentially on record too.

What message do you have for people who yet have to discover Wolf Company?

If you like riffs and funky time signatures you’ll probably like us!

In which measure the songs you listen influence your creativity?

Because we all listen to a wide range of genres and styles, there will be a lot of characteristics a song has that will spark some sort of creative streak. I could be listening to something super technical like Animals As Leaders and an inspired idea from them could end up being mixed with a chorus inspired by Abba or something. Depending on what we’re listening to obviously!

What have you been listening to lately?

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Coheed and Cambria and Genesis. However Hogg hasn’t been listening to much prog - more of The Police and Panic At The Disco. Nick has been listening to a lot of Eminem and Mike Coldplay.

What was the last concert you attended?

Hogg and I attended Download Festival in June so technically speaking that was the last last live concert and witnessed the two best live bands we’ve ever seen; Slipknot and Muse. Before that, I went to see Toto in Manchester in May. Another phenomenal live band.

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