Interview with Arjen Lucassen by Logan Lee

Arjen Lucassen Interview - Perfect Prog
March 20th 2015

Perfect Prog: Hi there Arjen

PP: It arrives a bit late if we consider that The Theory of Everything was released on the late 2013 but I was delayed by an angel (my sweet little daughter) J and I will try my best not to be repetitive with other interviews, trying to focus on several aspects of your projects and still keep it simple (I know you are in a busy moment right now).

To start, a personal question: I just came to know that you were here in Rome (radio rock) to promote your new project The Gentle Storm. Did you enjoy your time here?

Arjen: Fantastic, such great warm people! Yes, both me and Anneke enjoyed it very much.

PP: Many people thought ( and I don't talk to them anymore lol ) that 01011001 would not only enclose the Ayreon story but also would be the end of the project itself. Did have a lot of fun making us wait 5 long years to prove them wrong?

Arjen: Right, I have no idea why people thought that... I would never stop with Ayreon! But yeah, I always need to do a couple of projects in-between Ayreon albums, so the wait isn't intentionally cruel on my part :-)

PP: It's impossible for me not to ask (since for me, are two masterpieces) if you were happy by the success of the movie called exactly the same as Ayreon's last release?

Arjen: I haven't had the time to see it yet, damn! But I will and I'm looking forward to it.

Arjen Lucassen Interview - Perfect Prog

PP: How was seeing your work come to life with theater adaptation of "the human equation" and how were you involved? Are there any plans to export such project in other countries?

Arjen: It's not ready yet, it will be performed September this year. My involvement was basically choosing and contacting the singers and the musicians.

PP: Let's talk about something that I don't see around every day (and I don't know why). Are there any plans for a second Guilt Machine album?

Arjen: I never plan ahead. And even if I do, I keep changing my mind anyway! But yeah, another Guilt Machine is always an option, I love the album.

PP: Now something completely different. How was working Tommy Karevick (high considered guy here at PerfectProg)?

Arjen: He is an amazing singer of course, but he also became a good friend. What a nice guy! I'd love to work with him again.

Arjen Lucassen Interview - Perfect Prog

PP: Coming back to the Theory of Everything. Where did you get the idea of something completely new after the Ayreon story and yet so fascinating? What is your response/point of view for those who criticized the singing performances?

Arjen: I've always been a follower of science, and this time I wanted to leave the fiction out. Well, as much as I could :-)

Arjen: Did people criticize the singing, really? I wouldn't know why, all amazing singers...

PP: The Gentle Storm chapter: The pre orders are available and some previews, specially Heart of Amsterdan, are being heard continuously by all fans who are waiting anxiously for the upcoming march 23rd (release date). Can you tell us something "yet untold" about it? And about your affinity with Anneke's voice and working again with Marcela?

Arjen: I already told everything about it, I did over a 100 interviews already! Anneke is definitely my favorite singer in the world, the perfect combination of technique and emotions. And it's great to have Marcela on board as well for the live shows.

PP: Since maybe I will be translating this interview in Italian and in Portoghese (for all our Brazilian fans), what is your perception of your projects acceptance in those corners of the World (Italy and Brazil)? You might not know (I am guessing)... but I know for sure you are very followed in Brazil and the last time I went there Stream of Passion's first album was to be released and people there were already talking (while here in old Europe there was very little mention to it)

Arjen: I do know! I get a lot of mails from the Brazilian fans, and they really seem to be lovely people, I really like them! But unfortunately my CD sales aren't going so well out there, apparently many people are copying or illegally downloading it? So yeah, because of that it's hard to see how popular my music is in Brazil.

Arjen Lucassen Interview - Perfect Prog

PP: Last but not least: What are your plans for the near future (after the Gentle Storm release I mean)?

Arjen: No idea! I hope the inspiration will come soon and guide me into another project. I'd also love to do another Gentle Storm album, if this one is successful.

Logan: Arjen, you cannot even imagine how honored I am to have the chance to interview you and I am very grateful for your attention (we all are here at perfect prog). Hope you will enjoy it.

Arjen: You're welcome, my pleasure!

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