TIME ZERO Interview by PerfectProg

Thursday, 03 March 2011

TIME ZERO Interview by PerfectProg

1. How TIME ZERO proyect started, who's idea was?

Mane: Well, everything started 3 or 4 years ago when i was writing some instrumental ideas i had, i remember i wrote like 6 songs during a period of 2 years, some day i played them to David because i wanted to be sure that everything was sounding properly, as you know he is a producer and he always have a different and very musical wide open point of view, so after he listened to the songs he told me.. you know what? we should record those songs in the studio, so we started to talk about that since then, and i end up writing 4 more songs completing the 10 tracks we recorded for the album.

2. Talk about the musicians involvement..

Mane: Immediately after we talked about to record those songs, the next step was to figure out who was gonna be the bass player for the project, by that time David and Andy were talking and e-mailing each other so David asked Andy to join the team and fortunately he agreed right away, so there was a trio right there.

3. How was the integration of the guest musicians, who invite them and how they record their parts?

Mane: From the beginning we wanted to have really nice guests for the project, the difficult part was to choose the right guest for each song, so what we did was to listen to each track and see who was the possible guest for them, so we made the decision and we started the process.

we already knew some of the guest musicians we wanted but of course not all of them so i started to send e-mails and phone calls to the guys, some of them asked me to send the track to listened to it and see if they liked it and stuff like that, but fortunately all the answers were Yes!!!.....

The though part was to put everything together because of their schedules, Ty Tabor was in london recording a dvd, TJ Helmerich was mixing Zappa plays Zappa, Matt Guillory was working in his solo project, etc..... so it took quite a while to put all the stuff together but after a couple of months everything was recorded, everybody recorded their parts at their studios, you know now days almost every professional musician have their own studio or access to a nice one.

4. Are you guys going to continue with the project, with another album?

Mane: I think it's too soon to answer that question, we've just released the album about 10 days ago, we are on the promotion process right now and working hard to push it up as much as possible, but of course this is what we do, what we enjoy the most, and if life give us the opportunity to make it again you can be sure we'll do it again.

5. Tell us about the production of the album..

Mane: Well, the production of this album was lead in a little differet way, it was more spontaneous, not too planed, a lot of improvisation in all ways, it

was really unique and challenging because we never rehearsed the songs before, and in top of that David was changing a lot of drum and guitar parts in the last minute and a lot of things like that, there also wasn't pre-production process, what we did in that moment is what you hear on the record, not too edited or tricked, he always wanted to keep it as much natural and organic as possible, so it made it a really nice experience for all of us.

6. Great label Musea Records from France, why this label?

Mane: After we recorded the songs we talked to some record lables and we started dealing with them, but after a few months of digging on the instrumental market we decided to go for Musea Records, they are specialized in Prog/Rock/Fusion and experimental projects so we think they are the right ones to manage this album.

7. Any tour dates in the future?

Mane: Not sure yet, we're still working on it.

8. How do you guys deal with side projects and main band's?

Mane: Actually, it is as it sounds, the most of the time we work on our main band "DIMENSION", and Andy in "GATE THREE" and there is a process that you already know, that is writing/recording/touring and then a brake, so when you become a workaholic you use that brake to do something else, that in this particular case was TIME ZERO.

9. Links or pages we can reach you guys?

10. Last words..

Mane: Thanks to all the people of PerfectProg for this interview and all their support, and thanks to all the people that have been supporting our musical careers through all this years, Thank you guys all and stay in tune....... Mane Cabrales.

Line-up :
  • David Quicho: Guitars (Perturbador, Dimension (Mex))
  • Mane Cabrales: Drums (Perturbador, Dimension (Mex), LunarVein)
  • Andrea Mastrigli: Bass
Guest Musicians:
  • Brett Garsed: Guitar
  • Ty Tabor: Guitar (King's X, Platypus, The Jelly Jam, Jerry Gaskill, Munetaka Higuchi (guest), Jughead)
  • T.J. Helmerich: Guitar
  • Matt Guillory: Keyboards (Dali's Dilemma, Zero Hour (USA), James Murphy, Explorers Club, Mullmuzzler, James LaBrie)
  • Alex Argento: Keyboards

Time Zero
Outcasts of Civilization
Release date:
Musea Records
United States of America
Technical Progressive Metal
  1. Children Of No Name
  2. Conflagration
  3. Field Of Tears
  4. Revenge
  5. Vanguard
  6. Invisible Promises
  7. Urgent Solution
  8. Human Intrusion
  9. Conflict Of Interest
  10. Manifesto

TIME ZERO is a cosmopolitan current band, located in the United States of America and centered around guitarist David QUICHO, drummer Mane CABRALES and bassist Andrea MASTRIGLI. The three musicians aim at performing an instrumental Progressive rock, strongly influenced by heavy-metal, but also by a current jazz-rock trend. The result is "Outcasts Of Civilization" (Musea, 2010), an explosive and colorful album, somewhere between LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT and ATTENTION DEFICIT. Let's notice some prestigious guests, starting with keyboardists Matt GUILLORY (DALI'S DILEMMA, James LaBRIE...) and Alex ARGENTO (Vivien LALU, Joop WOLTERS...), mixed at the front. The casting is completed by guitar players Brett GARSED (Derek SHERININAN, NELSON...), Ty TABOR (KING'S X) and T.J. HELMERICH (ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA, NELSON...). Just awesome !