PerfectProg goes South (in Italy) Interview with Daniele Liverani from Twinspirits

Tuesday, 05 April 2011

Interview with Daniele Liverani

from Twinspirits

A few months ago I received the news of the latest Twinspirits release, their third album Legacy (see album review attached after this interview), and that they would perform live around Italy for a 15 dates promotion tour. Of course, I went checking the nearest place and it was on a city called Caserta a few miles before Naples, on the southern Italy.

The trip was already organized and I contacted, using the amazing tool called internet, the mind behind the band Daniele Liverani (Empty Tremor, Genius Rock Opera, Cosmics) to set an interview after the concert. Daniele quickly positive response was a great prelude for the interview itself. March 25th , the night of the concert arrived and I was there 2 hours before the show.

The concert went perfectly fine and Twinspirits are as good playing live as they are on studio. I was amazed by Goran’s voice and personality, by the young talented guitar player Tommy Ermoli, by the versatility (not to mention the passion to play with a injured leg) of bass player Alberto Rigoni and by the power transmitted by drummer Dario Ciccioni. As you will all see during the interview, Daniele Liverani has managed to express himself and to direct these young talented musicians into this very interesting project.

At the end of the concert, I went meeting Daniele Liverani who was very cordial and asked for the club manager to find us a quite place to perform the interview. The interview turned into a nice conversation with a very available and nice guy as Daniele; at the second part, bass player Alberto Rigoni joined us and the conversation gained with his presence. At the end of it, Daniele gave me an extra copy of Chapter 3 of Genius and Alberto gave me an autographed copy of his CD Something Different (which by the way is great stuff) and gave me his contacts (on sacred internet) since he is about to release a new album with Porcupine Tree’s drummer Gavin Harrisson, which I hope to write about very soon.

Unfortunately, not everything went as I planned and my video/audio recorder stop working and I was obligated to register everything using a cell phone. Nevertheless, the interview is very interesting. Enjoy the interview with the Genius behind Twinspirits!

1. Thank you for this interview Daniele. Let’s start from the start. What is the name Twinspirits origin?

Daniele: Well, those who have followed the Genius rock opera might remember that Twinspirit was one of the two main characters of the entire story and I wanted to continue that music vein but with a band that I could play live (with a single singer instead of many characters). Even if the two projects are not correlated (Genius Rock opera is a complete trilogy) and have different concepts the idea behind these projects are quite the same with a progressive rock base but filled with rock and other styles influences.

2. You’ve kind of anticipated the next question. What is the main difference between a multi singer project and a band with a single singer?

Daniele: As I said, it would be impossible to bring a project as Genius on stage (logistically, economically, among other difficulties) even if I tried to make something on that sense on 2005, but the costs were prohibitive. Being so, I’ve searched for young talents I’ve knew to start this new project and to tour and play live. The compositions are still mine and the guys prepare some arrangements , but we’re very happy with this new album, Legacy, and I think Goran (Goran Nystrom – Swedish singer and only non Italian band member) has a fantastic personality.

3. Tell me about the impact of this live experience?

Daniele: We are quite content about the impact on the live performances and I believe that Goran’s ability to express himself and the concept behind the tracks and the album itself has been determinant and I hope that such talent remains with us.

I was not able to hear carefully Legacy before tonight but everybody who has listened to it reported great things about it, and I can’t wait to hear on my way home tonight (by the way, thank you for the autographed CD). Do you think it has been a particular evolution on this album? If so, where?

Daniele: The great thing about keeping a band together for a while is the process of know each other better and to grow our capacities as a whole not only as a single musician. I think it is physiological for a band to stay together at least for a couple of albums in order to reach a good level and develop its own identity. We have great musicians playing with us, but on legacy we have developed our skills as a band. Even if I am a sort of artistic director on this project, we try to understand what we can improve day after day, and that only comes when we have the chance to play together as long as possible.

Nowadays I can affirm that I know their abilities and what I can get from their skills. To tell you the truth, I believe that now that they got my ideas and I know better all their skills we are more powerful as band. For instance, playing live the previous album, I’ve got the ideas to play with Goran’s vocals skills and realized what I could get from him.

I don’t know if you are aware of your popularity in Latin America . . .

Daniele: I am aware, in fact the 3 Genius albums were released with Helion Records (from Brazil) and we know that our sound is very diffused around there and we hope to get there one day if the logistics and costs will allows us to.

… that was an introduction that I (as latin American) wanted to remark. But, have you played with Twinspirits outside Italy? If so, have you noticed some difference?

Daniele: Yes, we have played outside Italy in some near countries such as Switzerland and I must remark that there’s a huge difference: people goes more to concerts and follows more prog and rock genres.

In fact, such confirmation comes from some previous interviews of mine. I believe Italy crowd (at least below the center) has become like USA: people enjoys more commercial styles and prog (and rock) bands has to seek elsewhere (northern Europe, latin America, Greece, ecc). Do you agree?

Daniele: Unfortunately I must confirm that. The situation in Italy is very difficult, almost sad, and it is very hard to introduce a new prog band and organize concerts successfully. You have to be a bit commercial or a great name, like Dream Theater, in order to successfully play in Italy. Elsewhere is different, but to create real opportunities to play live in festivals is not an easy thing; there’s plenty of competition and the choices almost ever falls into more commercial bands. You see, we try to introduce new ideas even on our live shows that are not always easy to follow: For example, in out concert tonight we have only played a 30 minutes long structured suite, composed by 5 tracks that forms one song and even if it is well structured and might seem as 5 different tracks it is not commercial enough to attract people that are not already into the prog scenario.

Well, I enjoyed the concert…

Daniele: Yes, and thank you. To conclude what I was saying, in Italy there is a large culture in other genres like classic music that receives incentives from the State since it is considered culture, which is fantastic but if you play prog here in Italy the lack of incentives and some sort of public laziness remain the main obstacles to go on and to bring people to concerts, unless there’s a famous name that attracts crowd’s curiosity.

Since the interview is flowing into the direction I like I know officially renounce to follow the list I prepared lol. Tell me about this tour and how it is organized.

Daniele: We have played 15 concerts alongside Ytse Jam, which is a great Dream Theater cover band, trying to create this prog event which we thought would be an intermediate solution to bring new concepts and ideas to general crowd together with classic things like DT’s songs…

The continuous search for classics. I saw that even in the Iron Maiden concert in Rome when people wanted the classics instead of their new stuff, which I find great by the way…

Daniele: That is a bit sad for bands like us that try to bring original ideas, but we are not going to let such things bring us down and we are giving our best to continue. Of course, we are moving in the clubs and pubs network for now, since we haven’t got an opportunity to play in bigger festivals, and averagely speaking it has been quite rewarding playing live and the public has shown lots of interest. Besides, it is very rewarding to give life to our music on these live performances since in studio we compose and arrange, but there’s something about the stage that is priceless.

I promised my wife I would ask you this (lol): is it possible to economically live of music today in Italy?

Daniele: For the reasons aforementioned it is not. We all (referring to all Twinspirits members) have a regular jobs that we combine with our passion which is music, composing, song writing and playing live.

After the Genius project and after working with such great names like Daniel Gildenlow, Eric Martin, DC Cooper among others, is there an artist that you wish to work with?

Daniele: I would have to say James LaBrie, but I must admit that this cooperation phase is behind me now. After playing, producing and cooperating with some of my music myths and great artists (and for that I will always be grateful to frontiers records that gave us the opportunity and the budget to complete the Rock Opera) I fell fulfilled for what concerns projects like that. Genius is the result of almost 1 decade of composition, producing, contacting and convincing singers and musicians as well.

At this point, my focus is to grow with an original idea, which is Twinspirits, with a permanent team in order to develop a self identity with time. As I said before, I want to create a whole instead of a simple union of artist, styles and influences and for that I believe a regular band is the best solution.

Talking about myths, what are your biggest influences?

Daniele: My musical path began with classical musical, so among my myths artist like Mozart, Bach, Paganini, Beethoven have a secure place while for what concerns rock I must include Angus Young from Ac/Dc and the energy of Van Halen, not to mention Malmsteen that might be the reason of my approach to guitar when I was 16 years old.

Thank you very much Daniele Liverani for this opportunity, for the interview and for the pleasant conversation. Would you like to leave a final message to our PerfectProg fans?

Daniele: I’ve checked your website before and you guys are doing a great job. We would like to leave all readers sincere greetings from the entire Twinspirit Band; Thank you all for believing and keep supporting Prog so it might survive in the future.



  • Legacy (2011)

    Released by Lion Music

    1. Senseless
    2. Pay For Their Art
    3. Blind Soul
    4. Slave To This World
    5. Over And Over Again
    6. Don't Kill Your Dream
    7. The Endless Sleep / The Endless Sleep
    8. The Endless Sleep / What Am I Supposed To Do
    9. The Endless Sleep / Legacy
    10. The Endless Sleep / I'm Leaving This World
    11. The Endless Sleep / Tell Me The Truth
  • The Forbidden City (2009)

    Released by Lion Music

    1. The Forbidden City
    2. Taste The Infinity
    3. Number One
    4. Everything
    5. One Of Us
    6. BTR
    7. Hide This Feeling
    8. My Future
    9. Reaction
    10. I Am Free
  • The Music that will Heal the World (2007)

    Released by Lion Music

    1. Projected
    2. Back To Reality
    3. What You Want
    4. Take My Hand
    5. Power To Kill
    6. Understand
    7. Fire
    8. It's Just Life
    9. The Music That Will Heal The World

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