Interview with Kelly Sundown Carpenter!!

Interview with Kelly Sundown Carpenter!! Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A few days ago had the opportunity to talk with Kelly Sundown Carpenter, the lead [Vocals] character of Epysode’s debut album ‘‘Obsessions’’, Darkology singer and former singer of Beyond Twilight and Outworld. And here we post the round of questions of the interview for you:

1. What is Obsessions? I mean, what is the story contained in the album? And what’s your role on it?

Kelly: Obsessions is basically a story developed by Samuel Arkan, long before he developed the music. He always love to read thrillers, mystery books, novels and stuff like that, but what he miss was the music, so he wanted to write the music that will go along with the story...

And what I am in the story is the profiler, which is a investigator who is looking into strange disappearances and murders, and try to find the connections and to figure it out what’s going on with this ongoing mystery which have some supernatural aspects related as well.

2. With the same line up of Origins I guess Epysode born from that project, how was that?

Kelly: Well basically what happen was Sam wrote all the music and everything and put down some demos and then Mag [Luyten] wrote all the melody work and then they ask me to be involved and I came along. After that they ask all of the rest of the people you see in the line up to be a part of it, and so everyone flew to record in the studio and make the album sort of come alive.

3. When you got involved in Darkology everything was already written, this time was the same?

Kelly: This time too, everything was written. Basically I just put through some of my own interpretation and my own style into the role.

4. How was the recording process? Do you work all together (Singers and musicians) in the studio?

Kelly: I was here with Mag and Sam, but most of the other people recorded their parts before I came, so they came at different times.

5. This is the third time you work with Tommy Hansen, on Section X he was on mixing and mastering, on Outworld he was on mastering… how was this time?

Kelly: I actually didn’t get to go to the studio and mix with the guys… but what we do really enjoy about Tommy Hansen’s work is that when you have music with many many layers he’s really good in bringing out all of the layers so they can all be heard at once, and in giving a really nice clarity to the music and not letting anything disappear. He is very passionate about music and he gets a sort of signature sound to his mix.

6. The most of us knew about Epysode in early June, has been less than 2 months and the Obsessions is already out there (Via AFM Records). How do you feel about it? Because you know that most of records labels require more than 3 months before releasing a new album…

Kelly: Yeah! ... Actually we are really really happy with AFM, they’re really strong on promoting, and they’re really behind it. Timo Hoffman is one of the people that we talk to at the label on a constant basis. He’s easy to access and to talk to, and to get with on ideas, and otherwise to sort of market the band and to try make sure it becomes as big as it can be…

And we’re really happy because when we started to think about looking for a label they were our ideal label because they’re an old school metal label and in this music we don’t have any growling or anything going on… this is more traditional in that sense and that’s what they are, they are a true metal label, so we are very happy to be with them. They really are pushing the album and doing everything that they can to make it big, so we are very happy with that partnership you know…

7. How has been the audience reception for Obsessions so far?

Kelly: It has been very good, very strong. We had a little sort of listening party on The Metal Madman Radio Show and everybody was super positive and excited to hear it, so of course we were really happy to experience a strong reaction like that.

8. Any live show yet or forthcoming?

Kelly: Depending the demand, and how many people get out and buy the album, and go to the facebook page and sort of get involved and let us know they’re out there… then live things can happen. All of the singers and musicians are now in their own bands, in their priority you know… but all of the members have expressed a real desire to make this happen live and to do whatever they can to make live things happen, so in the future I can see us doing something…

9. You always do amazing jobs in your records because, in addition to your insane voice, you have a unique interpretative quality which is something that lacks in these days and especially in progressive metal. So what’s the secret to convey all that emotions through your voice?

Kelly: Well, I don’t know… what I set out to do when I started to learn how to sing was try to have a versatile voice, a voice that can express very melodic sounds and very ballad-type singing… and then I wanna go to the other extreme you know, and basically be the angel and the demon at the same time and I always wanted to switch the voice immediately back and forth between those different dynamics, and colors and emotional sort of aspects. But I guess I really enjoy the acting aspect of metal and sort of playing a role on an album like on Section X there’s a sort of craziness, and there’s a sort of madness on Darkology album… I really enjoy that super extreme thing… and when I did Outworld I do the most extreme vocals I could without any growling, I just wanted to be completely over the top and really insane, and just really extreme…so that’s it.

10. By the way, when you quit Outworld you said you wanted to explore more facets of your voice, could you finally do that on this record?

Kelly: Oh yes! In fact I feel that I was able to show something new of my voice on this record, particularly doing some ballads and things like that I used my voice in a different way, and I really enjoy that because I really don’t like to be put in a category you know… it’s like ‘‘oh yeah this guy… he’s a screamer’’ or he’s this or that, so I really wanted to prove what I can do in that sense you know…

11. If you have to pick one song of Obsessions based on you performance, what would be your choice?

Kelly: Based on the performance I actually have to say the 2 softer songs, the 2 more ballad-like songs… there I found the most refreshing world for me just because I was available to do something a little bit.

12. Now that the album is out, what is the next step for you? The second album of Darkology? Live shows? Any other project?

Kelly: I do have a few things going that I can’t really mention, but I think there will be another Darkology album somewhere in the near future, everything is in the writing process and most of the demos and everything have been put down for that and we are just sort of waiting on the label to sort of arrange everything for us… and I think that will happen for sure.

And there’s another band, a pretty well-known band that I’m may be working with but I can’t say anything right now hahaha… I just can’t say anything…

13. About this second album with Darkology, this time will you be more involved in the composition process?

Kelly: I may be a little bit more involved in some of the lyrics and some of the melody lines and things like that, so I may put myself a little bit more into the record than the last time.

14. Now to finish… where can we find Obsessions?

Kelly: Well, obsessions is pretty much available everywhere in all the web-shops and through us too… and one good thing if you order it from is that you’ll get something a little bit special from us… we will sign it for you, you will get some extra stuff in a special section on the website and things like that, so we’re trying to make that a more personal fan-band relationship. .. It’s cool to download the album from Itunes or whatever but if you don’t have the story… especially with this album it’s a complicated story, So if you don’t have the artwork, and the whole story to understand who is singing, where and what the roles are… you may be lost.

15. Do you have any words for your fans on

Kelly: Yeah!... thanks for supporting real metal and go get the Obsessions album and support it, come to the facebook page and say hello, come to the website and say hello there… and I maybe will see you out there live someday!!!

interview by:

Joan López Duarte