Interview with Bobby Williamson of Eumeria

Monday, 10 October 2011

Interview with Bobby Williamson of Eumeria

This week on we had the opportunity to talk with Bobby Williamson [Keyboard player] of Eumeria and to ask him everything about his band, from its inception to its future plans. Now you can read the round of questions bellow:

1. How was this project born?

Bobby: I met Reece [Guitarist] on myspace a couple years before Eumeria was formed, he was only 16 years old then. About a year later I met Jonny [Vocalist] on myspace after hearing his voice in his former band, Timefall. I knew that these two guys would sound good on a song that I wrote, so we tried it out and they sounded even better than I had imagined. Then Eumeria was born.

2. I think you have had a very fast rising, has been two years since you took shape as a band and your debut album is already out there. Even when there's a whole sea between band members it seems that all of you are linked in one way or another, so it's almost like you were destined to be together as a band, it's kind of weird and awesome at the same time, isn't it?

Bobby: Yes the chemistry is there, and we seem to complement each other’s efforts on the songs. I don’t know if it’s weird, but I know it’s awesome……..and I’m lucky to have convinced such great musician’s to help form this band.

3. How was the writing process of Rebel Mind? Did you write most of it?

Bobby: Well, the first two songs were written by me before the band was formed (Father and Secret Places)…but then the guys put their own signature on it. However, we all shared in the writing from the point that we formed the band. So aside from those first two songs the rest of the writing for the album was shared by myself, Reece and Jonny. Our drummer wasn’t in the band at the time, but he did take part in writing Tides and will have a bigger role in the next album.

4. What did you want to capture on the album when you wrote it?

Bobby: We weren’t looking to capture anything in particular, we just wanted to right good songs and hoped that we could generate a fan base. We thought if we right good songs then good things should follow. J

5. When I knew about Eumeria I was obviously expecting an Outworld-like band (in terms of sound). But something that really impressed me when I listened Rebel Mind was that there's a lot of differences between these two bands even with both you and Shawn being former members of Outworld and Reece using a Dean RC-7 guitar [Rusty Cooley signature guitar]... was this something that you were looking for or it just flowed spontaneously?

Bobby: I wasn’t thinking of Outworld at all when I formed Eumeria. I opted for Shawn Kascak because he is a good bass player, so it had nothing to do with Outworld. Reece obtained the RC-7 guitar purely because it’s a brilliant guitar…but again nothing to do with following in the footsteps of Outworld.

6. How has been the critics and audience reception so far?

Bobby: So far we are quite happy with the response to our debut. But we do get the negative stuff too….it’s just the nature of the business. J We’ve been the top indie-band seller on Century Media’s distro site, and have shown high ranks on Amazon as well from time to time even 3 months after the release…so things are going well.

7. By the way, maybe you don't know this but in our website it has been a poll for our readers to choose the best prog-metal album of 2010-2011 and Rebel Mind is in the second place over bands like Riverside, DGM, and Symphony X... what do you think about it?

Bobby: I’m not sure what to think about that……..I’m just glad we are in good company with those great bands! J

8. Which song is your favorite on Rebel Mind as a band? And which one is the song that you enjoy the most as a keyboard player?

Bobby: I think it’s a toss up between Rebel Mind, Tides, Legion and Delusions as far as the band’s favorites. I personally love all the songs, but if I was forced to pick I’d go with Legion since it has more of a straight up “metal” to it.

9. I know you've been working in some new tunes for the second album, what can you tell us about that?

Bobby: I can tell you that we seem to be finding our sound more and more on the new songs…and I’m very excited to be working on them. We have about 4 song ideas on the chopping block….and we are currently arranging parts.

10. How long do you think it will take until we can hear a new Eumeria album? Any date in mind?

Bobby: We will have it all written and recorded sometime in 2012……not sure when a release date will happen though.

11. What are your plans with Eumeria for the near future?

Bobby: We plan to release the 2nd album, then tour to support both the debut and follow up releases.

12. Do you wanna share some final words for our readers on

Bobby: Yes, we thank you and Perfect Prog for the interview and support……it means a lot that you guys are into Eumeria….and I hope to work with you again on the next album. J Also we have some merchandise for sale if anyone is interested…..the sales will help fund our next production.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read the interview… hopefully we’ll see you on tour in 2012!


Joan López