Interview with Progmetal Masters: Andromeda!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

First of all, thanks for this interview, from all crew, thanks to Joan for making the interview, and to Martin Hedin [keyboard] from Andromeda :

ANDROMEDA NEW ALBUM THIS 2011: Manifest Tyranny

1. A couple of months ago you inked a deal with the record label Inner Wound Recordings… How has been this new alliance?

Martin: It feels great. We’ve had some ups and downs when it comes to labels. We feel that Inner Wound has a genuine interest in the band. I’ve worked closely with them regarding the artwork, and the result really exceeded my expectations!

2. Can you tell us what happened with Fabian? Why did he leave the band?

Martin: Fabian lives quite a long way away from Malmö, and has a lot of other things going on. I think it was a mutual feeling that his heart wasn’t in it anymore. We miss hanging out with him, but this was probably for the best.

3. What about your new bass player Linus… How did you find him?

Martin: We’ve known Linus a long time, he was the natural choice when Fabian left.

4. You’ve done some live shows with him… How has been he received by your fans?

Martin: He performed a long solo at our gig in Nürnberg. The crowd loved it! I think he picked up on that and got a bit carried away and nearly broke some of his pedals at the climax of the solo, he was jumping insanely all over his gear!

5. Did he collaborate on Manifest Tyranny or was everything written and recorded when he arrived?

Martin: The new album was already in the mixing phase when he joined the band. We are all looking forward to working with him on some new material.

6. How did you dealed with the writing process for this new effort? Did you work all together or something? Or is just one of you who assumed the whole creative responsibility?

Martin: As usual it was written mainly by Johan Reinholdz (guitar) and myself, Martin Hedin (keyboards). Maybe I’m a bit more responsible for this one. Some of the songs are written indiviually, but most of them are collaborations. Each of us has very different influences, so we often end up with something interesting when working together.

7. When and where was this album recorded?

Martin: We’ve recorded all over, in the studio, at the school where I’m teaching, at my place, at Johans place, in the bedroom etc. We started in June 2010 with the drums, some of the songs wasn’t even done yet by then! In December it was time for vocals. I was on holiday in Finland and the mixing was supposed to begin in January. So most of the vocals are recorded over the internet!

8. Who was in charge of its production and mixing?

Martin: As usual I produced the album myself. This time we decided to do an analog mix. It’s a whole different thing than mixing in the box, so it was a natural choice to mix with my friend Markus Nilsson. I think we spent about four full working days on each song! But it was truly worth it, since Manifest Tyranny really outclasses our other albums sonically.

9. What is concept behind Manifest Tyranny?

Martin: I had a lot of ideas for lyrics and came up with the idea of a concept album. It deals with things that bother me about the way things are in the world. The war in Iraq, the corrupt banking system, false flag operations, the complicit media etc.

I could go on and on about this. The lyrics are pretty straight forward, so you’ll get the idea when you read them.

10. In my opinion the Manifest Tyranny cover art is one of the best of your releases, do you think it achieves to capture the theme and sense of the album?

Martin: Yes, very much so. Sofia Bennrup (Johans girlfriend) did some great illustrations for the booklet, and Markus Sigfridsson put it all together and did the cover artwork according to my ideas. A very enjoyable collaboration!

11. Does Manifest Tyranny bring any change or new elements to your sound?

Martin: Yes, we think so. We’ve always tried to do new things. Not necessarily new things under the sun, but new to us.

12. What elements would you say differentiates this album of its predecessors?

Martin: This time we’ve gone in all directions. Some passages are angrier than you’ve ever heard us, but at the same time there are more quiet parts than our previous releases. But of course you’ll still be able to recognize some typical Andromeda elements here and there!

13. We know there are different versions of Manifest Tyranny to be released… can you tell us more details about that?

Martin: The label came up with the idea to do a limited edition in the form of a wooden box. I haven’t actually seen the real thing yet, but I think it looks very cool!

14. What are your expectations for this new album? And what can the fans expect of it?

Martin: I feel that this is a very strong album. We’ve also made a video of the first song - Preemptive Strike. I think that will help getting attention. With our new line-up and our new label, we feel stronger than ever, and we’re very hungry to go on tour!

15. Now to finish, do you wanna say some words to your fans and our readers on

Martin: Hope you like our new album, and be sure to check out our facebook page for more info! See you on tour!

"Manifest Tyranny" track list final: preorder your copy now at

  1. Preemptive Strike
  2. Lies 'R' Us
  3. Stay Unaware
  4. Survival Of The Richest
  5. False Flag
  6. Chosen By God
  7. Asylum
  8. Play Dead
  9. Go Back To Sleep
  10. Antidote

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