Interviews with Prog Metal Bands and prominent Prog Metal celebrities.

Perfect Prog team composed of members from around the world is given the task of interviewing progressive metal bands, talking about topics such albums releases, lineup changes, new contracts with record labels, tours, even personal life of your favorite artists. Be sure to check out the latest interviews down below.
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Interview with Lanes Laire Hits: 1407
Interview with Fatal Destiny Hits: 910
Interview with Kardashev Hits: 998
Interview with ZAYN Hits: 1078
Interview with Bugra Sisman Hits: 1595
Interview with viseMenn Hits: 1000
Interview with DAAR Hits: 1233
Interview with Michael Trew of Autumn Electric Hits: 1117
Interview with Prospective Hits: 958
Interview with Alain Ibrahim of Turbulence Hits: 7030
Interview with Alexei Galar of Hombre Bestia Hits: 1350
Interview with Matt Harrison of Wolf Company Hits: 1092
An Interview with Misty Morning Hits: 1228
An Interview with Therein Hits: 1139
Interview with Advent Horizon Hits: 1951
Interview with Ucan2 Hits: 1558
Interview with Ursus Hits: 1692
Interview with Robert McClung from Telergy Hits: 1611
Interview with Daydream XI by Derek Avila Hits: 2214
Interview with Arjen Lucassen by Logan Lee Hits: 2428
Interview with Subject Of Thoughts! Hits: 2021
Shadow Gallery Video Interview Athens, Greece by Logan Lee from PerfectProg.Com with Brendt Allman!! Hits: 1817
TIME ZERO Interview by PerfectProg Hits: 2110
PerfectProg goes South (in Italy) Interview with Daniele Liverani from Twinspirits Hits: 2144
Derek Sherinian Interview 2011! Hits: 2018
Interview with Kelly Sundown Carpenter!! Hits: 2261
Interview with Bobby Williamson of Eumeria Hits: 2024
Interview with Progmetal Masters: Andromeda! Hits: 2024
Michael Eriksen, the man behind the mic of Circus Maximus, interviewed on PerfectProg! Hits: 2791
Entrevista con Martin Lopez, ex-miembro de Opeth y baterista actual en Soen Hits: 3420